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Premium fruit and vegetables for catering.

We also deliver cut fruits and vegetables and premixed salads.

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Wholesale Vegetables

Wholesale vegetables

We deliver fresh vegetables to your business whenever you need them and always top quality guaranteed!

Wholesale Fruits

Wholesale fruit catering

Order your quality wholesale fresh fruits by phone or online and we deliver to your business on time

Processed Produce

Processed produce veggies and fruit

We supply many businesses with clean, prepared, chopped vegetables, ready for you to use in your dishes

Gourmet Salads

wholesale prepared salads for catering

We source pre-made salads made to your specifications. We use only the best suppliers to get the best pre-made salads for your catering. Order by phone or online

At Fresh Express Carrara we are proud of delivering the best customer service by supplying the Southeast Queensland catering industry with the best quality fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as pre-cut produce and premixed gourmet salads. We love to share wins of our customers and ourselves. Have something to tell or want to be featured in our blog? Let us know!


What is Fresh Express?

Fresh Express is a wholesale fruit and vegetable supplier delivering to a broad range of customers in the hospitality and commercial sectors. Our customers are located across South East Queensland and served from our base on the Gold Coast in Carrara.

A Reputation for Great Service in produce supplies for catering.

Fresh Express has built a reputation for its levels of great service to its loyal customers. This level of service has enabled Fresh Express to grow and achieve a large share of the fresh fruit and vegetable market along the Gold Coast and its surrounding areas.

The Key Differentiation to our Success

The key to our success and continued growth within this market has been through the level of service we offer. No order we receive is too big or too small. Every order is treated as being of equal importance. We offer early wholesale produce deliveries to key locations that require this service. Our longstanding, loyal and reliable employees offer a personalized service to each of our customers.

The Business Model

Here at Fresh Express we supply hundreds of loyal customers. Many of these customers (the top ten per cent) have been supplied wholesale fruit and vegetables by us for in excess of six years with one customer having been supplied by us since we remodeled the company in 2007.

All of our produce is bought fresh from the Rocklea markets three or four times each week. We also buy some fresh produce directly from local farmers so we can deliver the ultimate fresh wholesale produce at competitive pricing

The facilities we use in Carrara are HACCP Certified.

Expansion Aims for the Company

Like most successful businesses we have aspirations for continued growth and to remain at the top of our business field. We are hopeful of future geographic expansion, extensions to our product range and services which includes improvements within marketing and the hopeful introduction of automated processes.

The History of Fresh Express

Fresh Express began in 2001 by Garry Davidson and a business partner. In 2007, the company bought Gold Coast Fresh and the two companies merged. Until that time Fresh Express had its base in the Rocklea Markets. The merger with Gold Coast Fresh enabled the new larger business to use the Gold Coast warehouse to utilise deliveries across the entire region of the Gold Coast.

In 2016, Garry Davidson bought out his business partner and now remains the 100% owner of Fresh Express. The company is a family owned business and managed on a day to day basis by Garry’s daughter, Amy. Garry and his wife enjoy their retirement.

The Primary Market for Fresh Express

South East Queensland is the primary market for Fresh Express.

South East Queensland is the fastest growing metropolitan region within Australia. By the year 2031 the population of this region is expected to have grown to as much as 4.4 million people. This is in an area that measures 240km from Noosa in the north as far south as the border with New South Wales and up to 160km to the west as far as Toowoomba.

South East Queensland’s population is mostly urbanized in the cities of Brisbane, Toowoomba and along the Gold and Sunshine Coasts. For this growing population an additional 750,000+ dwellings will be required to be constructed in addition to the supporting infrastructure and services. All this is in the area where Fresh Express operates and there are huge potentials for the business to increase its core customer base through new and existing businesses.

Key Services of the Business

One of the key areas of our business is the ability to offer deliveries in the early morning to some of our key customers. We are the only fruit and vegetable supplier in the region to offer this service. The regions hospitals require deliveries before 5am, we deliver on this requirement by loading our trucks at 4am and the delivery is then onsite before it is needed at 5am. School canteens have a similar need for early deliveries which we provide as and when required. Our reliable delivery services include a second later delivery when required as well as an out of hours delivery service being available when requested.

The delivery staff employed at Fresh Express is trusted by their customers that many of them hold keys or access cards allowing for unrestricted easy access during a delivery allowing for greater flexibility and not inconveniencing the customer to attend a delivery.

Business Overview and Products Available

Fresh Express sources its fresh produce from Rocklea Markets as well as local farmers. While maintaining costs and being thrifty with our spending is important the business also maintains the highest standards using fresh products that only attain to being of the best quality.

Vegetables make up around 52% of our business with a further 29% of our market being fruit with processed vegetables accounting for 13% of our business. The remaining products include eggs and wraps such as tortillas.

Seasonal Adjustments to Delivery Patterns

There is very little seasonal adjustments to our deliveries. Restaurants make up just over 50% of our trade and December through to January is usually the busiest time of year. School holidays see a slight drop in orders as we supply these but that is usually offset by larger orders in the busier restaurants. Usually this scenario results in an equal amount of trade but to a smaller number of customers so fuel expenses are lower with less locations visited. All our customers are repeat clients and on average we deliver to most of our customer base every day. We use three vehicles for our deliveries and we deliver wholesale fresh produce  to:

Hospitals   Retirement facilities   Aged care facilities   Child care centres   Cafes and restaurants  School canteens and camp parks

Fruit shops and fruit barns   Sports clubs   Healthy lifestyle retreats

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