Why use Fresh Express?

Fresh fruit and vegetables shown in a dinner arrangement

Fresh Express was established in 2001 as a wholesale fruit and vegetable supplier that delivers its high quality product to around 100 customers in the sectors of hospitality and commercial catering. These customers are located across the region of South East Queensland and are served from the company’s base in Carrara which has been the home of Fresh Express since the company was remodelled in 2007.

The Culture of Fresh Express

At Fresh Express we have a culture built on the reputation of providing outstanding levels of customer service. We look after every one of our customers and provide each of them with the same level of service. We have no bias toward one client company or another and whether they are among our longest serving client companies or our newest they receive the same levels of service. Likewise the smallest orders are just as important to us as our larger orders. We always deliver the freshest produce along with that high level of service.

The biggest assets of a company

Your staff is the biggest asset a company can have and here at Fresh Express we always ensure our staff at highly trained so they can competently complete the job they have trained to do. We believe in having a happy team and letting them know how important they are to the success of the company. We also feel that very member of our staff is able to enjoy their time at work and happy to be working here. These policies enable the company to be a success and to retain staff for several years. A workforce that is happy allows the business to thrive in what has become a very competitive market. Our workforce is the face that meets the customer and because we have selected well that workforce takes a personal interest in the customers that meet on a regular basis.

Partnerships and Consistency

Fresh Express has been a leading operator in the wholesale fruit and vegetable industry in South East Queensland since 2001. Our experience across a broad range of clients in several sectors of the catering industry has led to some beneficially mutual partnerships between client and customer. An effective pattern of communication with your end user and your procurement teams helps to create an excellent strategy of buying and supply. These qualities allow us to be more efficient on site and that is relayed to our clients through minimum costs being incurred. Through our willingness to enquire on our levels of efficiency we have created these clients that trust our service and from that trusts builds long term partnerships. One of the concerns of our clients in our early days was that consistency. We heard that previous suppliers were unable to deliver with the same level of service day in, day out. So we made it a policy of ours to always reach these standards of service and consistency. Through reaching these levels of service we have a highly trained team of buyers, fresh food service and deliveries here at Fresh Express that works hard daily to maintain those standards.

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Our Produce

Fresh Express is a reputable wholesale fruit and vegetable supplier based in Carrara, Queensland. It is our passion to supply the people of this area with the freshest produce available. We source fruit and vegetables from the Rocklea Markets as well as from selected local farmers.

Wholesale Vegetables

Vegetables have many beneficial factors in contributing towards a long and hopefully healthy life. Here in Australia we have some of the best conditions for growing quality produce. We want you to receive the highest quality produce but at a price that is of the best value for your money. Our range of vegetables includes premium potatoes, capsicums, onions, cucumbers and so much more.

Wholesale Fruit

Fresh seasonal fruit is one of the best delicious tastes of the summer. Here at Fresh Express we supply the best tasting high quality fruit to several clients in our customer base. The fruit we deliver includes apples and pears, kiwi fruit, peaches, bananas, grapes and many more. We also supply a range of processed fruits that are available pre-cut and ready to serve.


Fresh Express takes the responsibility of food safety very seriously. We have been accredited with the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point certification or HACCP since 2004. We were quick to realize that a process of safety and control was required through training so that we could maintain the highest standards required in the business of wholesale fruit and vegetables. Having this accreditation means that we at Fresh Express have an established and rigorous methodology. This ensures that our operation maintains the highest standards of health and safety relating to the storing, handling, packing and transportation of our high quality fresh produce. The high standards that we maintain help to ensure that we provide a consistent high level of service through monitoring and documenting the processes we complete when going about our daily tasks.

Conclusion-A Reputation for Great Service

Fresh Express has a reputation for its levels of great service to its loyal customers built through trust and consistency. The level of service maintained by Fresh Express has enabled the business to grow and achieve what is now a large share of the wholesale fresh fruit and vegetable market along Queensland’s Gold Coast and its surrounding areas.



Fresh fruit shown in its natural environment before wholesale
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